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30 Years as School Volunteer in Williamson County

Family of Educators


I feel like I’ve been training for the WCS school board all my life.  I’m from a family of educators. My dad was a school superintendent.  His father was the first school board chairman in our county, and his dad was a politician whose platform included state funding for education.  I married an educator (an excellent one, I’ll add).  Two of my four children are in education.  I’ve been involved in educational endeavors all of my life, including 30 years as a volunteer in Williamson County.  Plus, my professional career has helped train me to view and support the big picture, which is important for a board of an organization as large as WCS.  Tough decisions don’t intimidate me.


My personal story is similar to many of yours.  My family and I moved here for a job transfer over 30 years ago.  We researched extensively, and picked Williamson County because of schools and church. We’ve had career opportunities to relocate, but we never seriously considered it.  Sound familiar?


Kathy and I recently celebrated 40 years of marriage.  We have four grown children.  Three are married.  One has a son (who sure loves his Gram and Grand Dude).  They all lead exciting and productive lives in education and music.   Our children are well-educated, including two advanced degrees in education from Ivy League schools.  The Wimberlys have been well-served by WCS schools.  The oldest three started at the old Grassland Elementary, then were re-zoned to Walnut Grove Elementary.  Kathy had been a parent leader at Grassland and Walnut Grove, then went back to school at MTSU to earn her teaching certificate.  She became a fifth grade teacher at Walnut Grove, and now is the librarian.  I’m best known in our neighborhood as Mrs. Wimberly’s husband.


When people don’t think of me as Mrs. Wimberly’s husband, they think of me as “that DI guy”.  DI is Destination Imagination, a world-wide educational creative problem-solving program for students.  I’ve held local, state, and national volunteer leadership roles since our oldest was at Grassland Middle years ago.  I currently chair the Tennessee DI Board.  Williamson County has a particularly strong DI program that has touched many families for years.  My grown children say they still use the skills they learned through the program every day.   Learn more about DI here.


Other education endeavors include my membership on the Board of Trustees of the Education Foundation for Williamson County.  I was the founding chair, and am very excited about where the Foundation is headed.  Other volunteer adventures include leadership at Boy Scout Troop 444 based at Bethlehem Methodist.  (Our children are grown, but I still hang out with 444 friends.)  I also served on Parish Council for St. Philip Church.  


My business career has been split into two phases.  For the last twenty years, I’ve been involved in public safety, emergency management, and homeland security.  I’m President of Galain Solutions, Inc. which provides consulting services for emergency alerting.  I write and speak often on the topic.  We’re also involved in stakeholder engagement for government and nonprofit organizations.  For the first twenty years, I was in the radio and TV business.  


In addition to experience, I bring passion and enthusiasm to the school board job.  My passion stems from the belief that we can, and must, always do better preparing young people for opportunities and challenges ahead.  We can, and must, help them be more successful in their education, careers, lives, communities, and for our great nation.  This applies to all students, regardless of where they’re from and where they’re going.  


Plus, I enjoy the work and want to do more!

Proud to be one of the founders of the Education Foundation for Williamson County. Here we are celebrating raising a lot of money for Ladders to Hope.
They work me hard at Destination Imagination tournaments.
Shown here with Miss Tennessee at Education Foundation for Williamson County event.
Celebrating another landmark event at Hillsboro Elementary Middle - parent club raises big bucks for technology. (That was milk for the COW challenge in those Red Solo Cups.)
Grandson and me judging dog show at Independence High.
Couldn't resist a family picture. Baptism of Jett, the amazing grand son.
Youngest daughter graduates from Columbia University Teachers College.
Dr. Looney likes to jump out of planes. I don't. However, I have been known to float off the side of a mountain. (OK, just once.)
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