About District 9

Williamson County is divided into 12 "voting districts".  Each district has one school board representative and two county commissioners. I represent District 9. 


District 9 covers a large geographic area.  From the north, it starts at Sneed Road and runs south on the west side of Hillsboro Road (excluding Fieldstone Farms).  The southern border of the District 9 is just south of Highway 840 near Tollgate subdivision and Independence High School on the west side of Highway 31. 


Among the communities served by District 9:



Franklin Green

Forest Home Farms

Grassland (partial)

Hidden River

Hillsboro Cove

Leipers Fork


Montpier Farms

River Landing

River Rest (partial)

Thompson Station (northern part)


Two Rivers


Whitehall Farms

Willow Springs (section west of Horton Lane)


You can find the voting district map on the Williamson County website here.  There's also an excellent interactive map on the Williamson County website here.  There are 11 schools served by the District 9 seat, four of which are physically located in District 9. 


Hillsborol Elementary Middle

Independence High

Pearre Creek Elementary

Walnut Grove Elementary


Other schools with constituents from District 9 are:


Franklin High

Grassland Elementary

Grassland Middle

Heritage Elementary

Heritage Middle

Renaissance High

Winstead Elementary


Voting locations for District 9 on August 4th:


Walnut Grove Elementary (326 Stable Road)

Benton Hall School (2420 Bethlehem Loop)

Westhaven Clubhouse (401 Cheltenham Avenue)

Grace Chapel (3279 Southall Road)

Independence High School (1176 Declaration Way)


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