Realities of Re-Zoning

This is a tough one.  Families don't like to be moved from one school to another.   Despite our efforts to minimize it, rezoning has become a reality for our community.  It will likely remain so for the foreseeable future.


When we were re-zoned 25+ years ago, I recall how upset our whole family was, even though we were being zoned to a brand new school closer to home.  It was real difficult to see my wife stand up at the parent organization meeting at the “old” school and say goodbye with tears in her eyes. (I hated that).  There were lots of tears that night.  But, the families affected rolled up their sleeves and got to work. In those days, the county didn't provide playground equipment for new schools.  So, the community came up with the money and work power to build the playground for Walnut Grove Elementary.  Some of our work still stands, and many of the people we worked with remain very good friends. Regardless, it was tough to be moved.


Re-zoning is a harsh reality for Williamson County and will continue to be.  I’ve often told parents of young children in our schools, “You’re not going to like this, but there’s a pretty good chance your family will face rezoning at some point.”  The good news, I tell them, is that their children will be sent to a good school; we don’t have any bad ones.  Still, it’s tough, even when we’re moving families to brand new schools.


I can't pledge to stop rezoning.  (You wouldn't believe me anyway.)  But, I can pledge to continue to:

  • take zoning decisions very seriously.
  • work to make them as minimally disruptive as possible.
  • insist on hard data and good analysis as we make zoning decisions.
  • continue to push for long-range growth planning.  (If we can get a better handle on growth, we can cut down on rezoning...or at least avoid surprises.)  


Most importantly, I can pledge to do all within my power to make sure ALL of our schools are excellent.  We can’t have pockets of excellence like we did in years past.  We must continue to make sure that, no matter where students are sent, they will get an excellent education.  


I realize these commitments won’t take the sting out of rezoning.  It will always hurt, just the way it hurt my family 25 years ago.  But, I hope students and parents will learn to love their new schools just the way we started loving Walnut Grove (and still do.)   


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