Proudly Serving District 9 & All WCS Students


I’m proud to represent District 9 and the students of Williamson County.  I want to continue working for a school system that...


            Strives for excellent in academics, arts, and athletics

            Teaches "survival skills" as well as facts

            Uses taxpayer resources wisely 

 Seeks the best solutions for managing growth

 Is overseen by a focused, well-informed School Board



We need to continue supporting our students, Dr. Looney and other leaders, educators, and staff to achieve greatness, then reward and recognize them for doing so.  They should feel comfortable speaking out, even when they're offering a different perspective.  Community engagement should be encouraged at every turn.  


I believe we, as a community, can find the right solutions to maintaining excellence as we grow.  We will need to work diligently and wisely, and make sure our quality doesn't suffer.  We need to be good stewards of resources. 


I’m concerned about our school day, testing pressures, and constraints placed on educators as they try to encourage critical thinking, curiosity, imagination, problem solving and other survival skills for the 21st century.  We can do better.






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Re-Elect Rick Wimberly - Linda Williamson, Treasurer